In House Stress Relieving

In addition to a variety of cutting options, United Specialty Alloys in St. Louis offers in house Stress Relieving for metal projects. This process helps to ensure the lasting quality of your materials, as well as their reliability and durability over time as they are exposed to typical wear and tear from the work environment.

If Stress Relieving is not performed, sometimes a later heat treatment could result in unexpected or unwanted dimensional changes to a finished product. The optimal time to perform this process is after rough machining but prior to any finishing work required for the project.

In fact, as many customers know, there are certain types of materials and projects that must go through Stress Relieving before they are work ready. It’s good to know that welded projects, for example, can become completely tension free as a result of Stress Relieving.

Other projects that may require this type of attention are those that are expected to undergo further processing before they are completed. United Specialty Alloys understands the ins and outs of the process, which should not affect the hardness of your material in a significant way.

When you call to inquire about your project, be sure to ask whether you will need to go through the Stress Relieving process with United Specialty Alloys.